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1000% Working PUBG Whatsapp Groups links

Hello friends, PUBG game lovers, this post has been specially posted for you with Working PUBG Whatsapp Groups links. We have collected 1000% working WhatsApp group links for your favorite online PUBGmobile game - PUBG(players unknown battleground). If you want friends to play PUBG with or a group where you can share and chat PUBG strategies, if yes then your search ends with this article. So go down ahead and join as many PUBG Whatsapp groups as you like to join - for free!

IF you want to disconnect from the world and want to entertain yourself then we are here to provide you PUBG groups on your favorite messaging platform - WhatsApp? We are here with a huge collection of fun and engaging Best WhatsApp group links.
WhatsApp groups are very good for entertainment and most popular because you get to just join the conversations with the same topic that you already knew and share the knowledge with the group members help each other in every problem.
With the links mentioned platform(Whatsapp), you can join any group any time without the permission of any group admin with these given below join links. it means is that you have no longer need to admin permission to be added by the group admins in the groups, instantly, you just need to have to tap on the link where you want to join on your favorite Whatsapp group, from the given below list of links, and be the part and member of the groups.

Isn’t this is a different and attractive way to make new friends? Since there is no limit that are restrictions to join the groups' number of WhatsApp groups a person can join, you can join unlimited groups that are relevant and connected to your niche and you want to join there is no limit, as long as you find them relevant to your interests. The best part - no need for an account or log in in the groups or anywhere and it's completely free! to join groups.


Let’s see and look at how much WhatsApp groups you that you can easily join for PUBG. Don,t know of what PUBG stands for? We’ll help you to get it.
PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is an online mobile game that has been become very popular in a very short time with teenagers, and even adults around the world also very like to play it. It has quickly become one of the topmost played games to download from the play store and it has been already downloaded by hundreds of millions of times by the people. here we will provide you PUBG lite Whatsapp group links and much more.
this is for who don,t know what is pubg, PUBG is a multiplayer battle royale game in which players are dropped onto an island where you have to survive yourself and your squad, which can be one of any of the three maps: Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok, and the player have to attempt to be the last survivor on that island to win the battle. PUBG allows you to play solo, duo as if you play multiplayer gaming wherein a team of up to four players, are allowed. In Each game there are a total of 100 players and takes it does not take a long time more than 30 minutes on average. There are a number of events/rules which keep occurring during the gameplay or course of the game to make it interesting. These are given below which include things such as the following:

  • powerful allocation of maps,
  • shrinkage of the playable map area in every few minutes towards a random location, in turn, increases the chance of battles,
  • Every player has been to search for buildings and other areas to find weapons like grenades, sniper, scope, vehicles, armor, etc.
  • need for combat and war situational experience for quick adaptation for the present state of the game to play it well.
The above-mentioned and many more such events make PUBG a highly engaging played game. At the same time, the PUBG game has created a huge community of players. that is why there are so many WhatsApp groups created for PUBG lovers and fans players. Once you in the groups and become part of these Whatsapp groups, you can share your queries and own tips & tricks to help others play PUBG perfectly and you will also get helped by the members. At the same time, a few times later you can also become a PUBG pro player by using tips and tricks provided by other pro players in the group.
Our target to help to grow that,s why We wanted to help each one of you find PUBG WhatsApp groups easily on our platform so that your network can grow hugely regardless of the level where you are currently playing. Even if you are an absolute newbie PUBG beginner, then these groups provide you a chance to ask your queries regarding the gameplay once you get started the game and the PUBG pros can help by responding to you quickly as you play the game.
Now you have a clear understanding regarding the ease of how to joining WhatsApp groups by simply clicking on links, as well as that of PUBG and what it requires, now I think we shall finally move on to the list of Whatsapp group that you are waiting for you have all been waiting to join them. Remember, all you need just to do is click on the given link and you can easily join it. As soon as you do so that process, you will immediately join the groups and start to enjoy the contents of the group amongst a society of people who are the same as you and they will share your interests.
Note: Once you get better in playing the game, then you can find and join PUBG tournament groups on the list that are officially provided by Tencent and you can earn money by participating in the online tournaments listed on the given groups. that's why We have also provided a separate list of groups for PUBG tournaments in the different list.
So let’s get started.

PUBG WhatsApp Group Rules

Once you join these PUBG groups, it is good for you to be a good member of the groups.  in the groups All the members of PUBG groups are active and they constantly talk about PUBG gameplay and tips and tricks and on other related topics. You can also create your own squads and play together with your own squad members. The most important thing is, remember to follow the below rules and don,t forget them.
  • Not allowed sending Adult content (18+) in groups
  • No Fighting with the members
  • don,t do Spamming
  • Only PUBG gamers allowed here
  • Do not change group logo description, name, or anything
  • don,t use bad words or abuse
  • Respect everyone in the groups
  • in the Group Chat and message only related pubg topics
  • lastly but not least, let's Play PUBG always friends 🙂
In the Below given links, you will find 1000% working WhatsApp groups links for PUBG gamers who want to join them, that you can then join for free. You can use these pubg groups in many ways. For example, you can group chat in it with other members to share your experiences, opinions, and views on PUBG. Not just do that, these Whatsapp groups are a great place where you can share your own PUBG gameplay videos, strategies, images, and even memes and much more to share here. here You can always share your tricks to help others play the PUBG better and better and help each other to be the best player. Not to mention, that here you can also improve your battle own skill level by learning new tricks from other members and gameplay strategies to win winner winner chicken dinner. To get the most out of the groups, you have to be a good member and make sure you’re an active member and genuinely try and help others and be nice in the group. If you are one of them, then go ahead and join PUBG related groups now hurry up guys before they get full. if any group is full report us and try to join other links.

If you are interested in joining Pubg USA Whatsapp Group Link, Pubg Tamil Whatsapp Group Link, or you want ideas for Pubg Whatsapp Group Names, then all the above groups are the right place for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to the group members to find what you are looking for. Members of the pubg WhatsApp group community are there to help you at every stage of your journey in the PUBG world.

Whatsapp groups joining link

By now, you might have found active WhatsApp groups of your choice in the PUBG category. If you are interested in finding more WhatsApp group links in other categories, we have shared 10,000+ group links. To check all the other categories we have for you, please visit this post - Whatsapp Group Link India 2020. We regularly update the list of WhatsApp groups so that you can find more relevant groups over time.

PUBG sticker for WhatsApp

Apart from the groups, we get to know that many of you are looking for WhatsApp pub stickers. To help you create and send customized pub stickers, we have written the steps in this post. You can go through the steps to create your own pubg stickers for WhatsApp and share them among friends.

If you want to suggest a group that we should add to this list, share the group link in the comments section below and we'll immediately add it to this list. Or you can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why should you join pubs WhatsApp groups?

If you play pubs regularly, you can definitely benefit by joining the community of pubg players on WhatsApp. You will not only get the chance to make new friends, who share similar interests, but you can also get tips to improve your game, and start competing in tournaments. These reasons have made pubs WhatsApp groups very popular.

Q. What are pub tournaments Whatsapp group?

For young players willing to compete, there are several tournaments where players can participate and win exciting prizes. The Pubg Tournament WhatsApp group helps players stay updated on the latest tournament dates and other details so that players can register on time and play to win.

We hope you have liked and desired WhatsApp group links are posted in the list above. If you found this post helpful, then share this post with your friends, family to help them find their groups of interest.


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